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Monday Night Mojitos

Just back from a Caribbean paradise, I am experiencing slight withdrawal from all of the exotic and wonderful foods I encountered.  One of my favourite drinks was the Mojito- a refreshing blend of rum, sugar, lime juice, club soda and fresh mint leaves. Since I often grow my own herbs, and because mint is one of the easiest to keep happy, it’s easy to have plenty of this fragrant plant on hand to make Mojitos. Note that for the best results, Mojitos are to be made individually. As always, please enjoy responsibly. 

Ingredients: 2 oz part dry white rum, 6 oz club soda, 8 mint leaves, 1/2 lime, 1 oz  part sugar, 3 ice cubes

Directions: place mint leaves, sugar and lime in a glass.  Muddle well with the end of a wooden spoon or a pestle.  Add 2 oz rum, top off with club soda and ice cubes. Stir and garnish with mint leaves.

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