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Personal Training Forum

This is the page you can turn to when you need some training or general fitness tips. If I do not know the answer, I will research your query and get back to you. I will do my best to respond to individual questions; however there may be instances where it is more beneficial to address similar topics together. Please note that the ideas expressed on this blog are not a substitute for consultation with your primary health care provider. Before attempting any exercise or nutrition program, inquire with your doctor first, to determine its suitability.

Thanks for your questions and cheers to great health!  Lara Galian

CANFIT-PRO Personal Trainer, 2000

CANFIT-PRO Fitness Instructor, 2012

9 Responses to "Personal Training Forum"

  1. insanity says:

    Maintaining fitness improves strength and power of the body and mind. Some people may disagree with this declaration; particularly after they begin an exercise program and they are sore, exhausted, and ready to quit. Once people take on a more physically active lifestyle, they will gradually start to feel better. Their bodies will be inclined to burn fat, and they will lose weight. In addition, this improved energy transfers into being more creative at job and at home.

    1. laragalian says:

      Thank you for your comment. I agree- if people jump into an exercise program too quickly, they may get discouraged by the factors you mention. Absolutely if the process is gradual, our chances of success improve significantly. The many benefits you listed will soon outweigh the inconveniences of trying to get fit if we pace ourselves. These thoughts are addressed in my article “It’s No Secret Ladies- How to Build Your Best Body Ever”, located in the Fitness and Wellbeing category. Looking forward to checking out your site!

  2. Leandro says:

    When you are physically fit you sense enthusiasm in life and thus become self-confident. You can even fight mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

    1. laragalian says:

      Good point about managing mental illnesses through exercise. I am sure there is a connection here, and am going to investigate further. Thanks for the thought!

  3. Standard fitness workouts make your body flexible, firm, lean, and powerful. They assist in maintaining a healthy weight and ward off the health hazards that stem from excess weight. Additionally, your metabolism functions much more efficiently and you feel healthier.

    1. laragalian says:

      Yes! And sleep is so much more deep and relaxing when the body has had a good workout…thanks for your comment.

  4. James Taylor says:

    Hi Lara,

    I really like your site, I was on facebook, I typed in your name and your blog came up…We worked together at Kortright…Great to see you’re doing well…


    1. laragalian says:

      Well thank you, James:) I am glad you like the site. I have returned to work on it after too long a hiatus. I remember Kortright fondly. Hope you’re doing well, too.

  5. I really liked your blog, appreciate the great information….

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